Updated: June 15, 2022 The following are the highlights of our privacy policies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: info@tadawyclinic.ca

Mission Statement

TadawyClinic App is an application developed by SafeMedToGo Solutions Inc. which is a company registered in Ontario, Canada. Our mission is connecting patients with licensed health care providers. TadawyClinic App does not offer any medical or health care services to the public. TadawyClinic’ s objective is to offer patients with convenient and accessible service by connecting them with care providers. TadawyClinic does not provide health care services and does not employ health care service providers.

Information Collection

  • Information collected from patients and health care providers are only used for the sake of purposes outlined here and to improve quality of offered services.
  • Collected information may include user personal information used to create an account on our platform. This information will only be used to gain access to our services only.
  • TadawyClinic does not collect or store health record information from patients.
  • TadawyClinic does not retain any medical information shared with health care providers. All information shared with care providers are private and confidential.
  • For quality and maintenance purposes, TadawyClinic may retain anonymous registration and usage analytic information that can help us improve our platform user experience.
  • TadawyClinic does not collect any financial, credit card or billing information from users.

Information Usage and Sharing

  • TadawyClinic does not share any collected user information with third parties except for applications used within our website.
  • TadawyClinic may share user information with health care providers.

Services Rendered

The select health care provider is solely responsible for providing health services to patients. TadawyClinic is not liable for any information, opinion or advice shared by our health care providers.

Refund Policy

TadawyClinic is committed to high quality services. If an appointment is not delivered on time and at the highest level of quality, TadawyClinic is committed to offer a refund. All refund requests should be directed to: info@tadawyclinic.com

Account Holder Rights

At anytime, you may ask TadawyClinic to remove your account information.

Contact Us

If you have more questions about privacy, please contact TadawyClinic at: info@tadawyclinic.ca